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大羽 洋子 Yoko OBA Piano

Was born in Tokyo.
Graduated from the Music Department of Omiya Koryo High School and the Art Depatrment of Toho Gakuen College.

In 1990, won second prize at the nationwide contest of the 14th Japan Piano Concour.
In 1991, won the highest award, the award of governor of Saitama prefecture, the award of Saitama Shimbun and the award of FM Saitama at the 2nd Saitama Piano Concour.
In 2000, formed Muse Cocktail with female professional musicians.
In 2001, worked as an assistant in Festival International de Jazz de Montreal. Participated to Feel Fine Stage at Tokyo International Forum with piano obbligato during the time of Tokyo Milenario.
In 2002, played "Rhapsody in Blue" Original version in Muse Cocktail Vol.4 and called Yukie Kobayashi, who won the Grand Prix in ASAYAN audition 1999, as a special guest.
In 2004, won a prize at Kitamoto Piano Conour.
In 2005, started solo activity. Organized the concerts at Steinway Salon Tokyo, Hibiya Matsuya Hall, etc.
In 2006, won an incentive award at the 8th International Chopin Piano Competition in Asia, Concerto C Sec. Played "Piano Concerto No.2" with Poland Krakow Chamber Orchestra.
In 2007, Played "Piano Concerto No.1 (Chopin)" and "Andante spianato et Grande Polonaise brillante" with Poland Prima Vista Quartet.
In 2010, won Golden award and the award of audience at 1st Musica Arte, staged by Associazione Italo Giapponese. Representation from Japan for the International Festival held in the world heritage in Italy.
Organized the four concerts in series to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Chopin's birth.

Studied under Harumi Tsuji, Nobuko Kondo, Akiko Takayanagi, Haruko Kazama, Michio Kobayashi, Kevin Kenner. Studying with Reitei Yo and Yuko Mifune.
A member of Associazione Italo Giapponese.

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